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Is there a Post-Christian Christianity?

Lectures and Seminar with David Galston
August 14
th and 15th  $30
St Davids Khyber Pass/St Lukes Remuera Auckland

Community of St Luke, Remuera - website 8On August 14th at 7pm, St David’s, 68 Khyber Pass Road Grafton, is holding its annual Fergusson Lecture with Professor David Galston [a brief CV is below] speaking on Has Religion a Future? The greatness and tragedy of religion. Entry is by koha/donation and no registration is necessary.

On Saturday August 15th, 9.30am – 4pm, St Luke’s, 130 Remuera Road, is holding a seminar and discussion day with Professor Galston. The cost for the seminar [including morning tea and a light lunch] is $30.00.

At the seminar, the morning lecture, is titled Has Jesus a Future? If Christianity is to have a future, it must have something to do with the historical Jesus. This talk will look at the basic humanity of Jesus and what he had to say is the foundation for re-creating a Church for the future.

The second lecture is titled Session Three: Has God a Future? God is a bigger problem than Jesus in that God is historical only in the way that the idea of God relates to human cultural history and systems of thought. As human beings have grown and changed through the course of history, so has God. Is there a future for God as meaningful discourse?

Following lunch, the last lecture of the seminar, is titled: Is There a Post-Christian Christianity? People who take the conclusions of modern scholarship seriously look for ways to experience religious value outside of traditional, supernatural, beliefs. This raises many challenges, including how to relate to Jesus as a human being of history, how to celebrate life within a Christian community, how to talk about the Bible and God in a postmodern and post-theistic age, and how to develop and enjoy new forms of theology.

To register for the August 15th seminar, email Angela Murdoch or post it to Angela Murdoch, PO Box 74-355, Greenlane, Auckland 1546.

David Galston

davidDavid is the Academic Director of the Westar Institute, Ontario, Canada, the Ecumenical Chaplain at Brock University, and an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Brock. He is also an Advisor for the SnowStar Institute of Religion (Canada) and the Quest Learning Centre (Hamilton, Ontario). He has played a key role, both in Canada and the United States, in the development of progressive forms of religion and theology, including being a founding member and chair of the Westar Institute’s new Seminar on God and the Human Future. David has published two books (Archives and the Event of God, McGill-Queens Press, and Embracing the Human Jesus, Polebridge Press) as well as written several articles for the Westar Institute magazine The Fourth R and academic

journal Forum.

David will be the guest preacher at a combined St David’s and St Luke’s church

St Andrew’s on The Terrace: NATIONAL PEACE WORKSHOP – April, Wellington

Remembering war / ending war: Challenging militarism and building peace

Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 April 2015 St Andrew’s on The Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Wellington In conjunction with Peace Movement Aotearoa, St Andrew’s is hosting the 2015 national peace workshop. The theme of the weekend is ‘Challenging militarism and building peace’. There will be a mix of plenary sessions, workshops and a ‘Poets for Peace’ session on the Saturday evening. Details of the programme and registration forms are available here peacepoppy-small

Calling all Writers for Justice and Peace

Writers for Justice and Peace: A Gathering for interested Writers

Napier Cathedral 23 May 2015

Erice Fairbrother
Erice Fairbrother

This is an invitation for published writers of liturgy, poetry, theology, lyrics and similar genre, whose passion and primary focus is on the promotion of Justice and Peace to attend a Writers for Justice and Peace gathering over 22/ 23 May 2015 in Napier.

Publishing includes regular publishing on recognised blog sites, as well as in books, journal and magazines, or in local settings where your work has been developed for and used in particular contexts. Such a gathering may help develop a support network for writers, sharing of resources and a forum where voices of justice and peace may be strengthened.

An ability to self-fund attending the gathering is essential.

Expressions of interest and enquiries: or visit

Erice Fairbrother OHCNZ – House of Benedict Spirituality Centre