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churches & faith communities

St Andrews on the Terrace—Love, Justice, Spirit in the heart of Wellington

The Community of St Luke, Remuera—The Community of Saint Luke seeks to be a nurturing community where each is committed to the spiritual and personal well-being of all and where all who come are accepted and respected.

St Matthews-in-the-City, Auckland—A progressive Anglican church with a heart for the city & an eye to the world.

Chartwell Co-operating Parish, Hamilton, …a diverse and inclusive christian community, relating the gospel to everyday life – facilitating the relationships between people and God.

Knox Church, Christchurch—progressive, inclusive Presbyterian church

Knox Church, Dunedin—inclusive Presbyterian church

St Ninians, Christchurch—liberal, progressive Presbyterian church

progressive groups, individuals & virtual networks

St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion & Society—Our purpose is to provide learning opportunities for people in Wellington and beyond to engage in critiquing and valuing developments in religion, spirituality, arts and sciences during changing economic and political times

Ephesus Group, Wellington—exploring new ways of understanding Christian faith in the increasingly secular world. (A similar group meets on the Kapiti Coast.)

Making Tracts—Blog and reflections of Bishop Jim White in Auckland

Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog—Paul Fromont and Alan Jamieson. “With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling we shall not cease from exploration…”—T.S. Eliot

Spirited Exchanges—an umbrella name for a variety of initiatives for people grappling with issues related to faith and church.

Words of Spirit and Faith—postmodern spirit, post-christian faith, website of liturgist and poet Bronwyn Angela White

Spirited Crone—Sande Ramage: encouraging meaning in life and work

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2 thoughts on “New Zealand links”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    as a coordinator of Talk to Me Conference I would like to introduce it you our idea of creating an opportunity for young people from various cultures, faiths and no-faith to get to know each other, share their vision, hopes and dreams for NZ and the world. Organizing a Intercultural Youth Conference we aim to celebrate together diversity and appreciate insights as shared through discussion, play, dance, food, art and music.

    As New Zealand society becomes more diverse and the ethnic make-up of its population changes. We all now, more than at any other time in the history, need to be aware of differences in values, expectations and practices when communicating across cultures. And effective communication with people of different cultures is especially challenging. Cultures provide people with ways of thinking–ways of seeing, hearing, and interpreting the world. Thus the same words can mean different things to people from different cultures, even when they talk the “same” language. The international character of our country imposes on all of us, but especially on young people competencies such as the ability to deal with cultural and value differences and build a global community in which all peoples can live together in mutual respect.
    The nature of young people is daring and adventurous and given the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from other religions would be very fruitful for them this is a necessary first step towards a New Zealand future and the future of global coexistence.
    As the next generation connects to issues of peace, justice and sustainability it is time to hear their voices: It’s why: Talk with me!

    Reading the information on the website will give you also a good idea of everything.

    We are in the earlier stages of planing, so there is a great deal of flexibility, as to how this project will evolved. Your comment and involvement are very welcome. We will value your input.

    If you have any interest I would like to meet with you or your representative to discuss this. Please let me know what time or place for such meeting suits you best. You are also very welcome to have a coffee with us at our St Heliers Community Center.

    Best wishes,
    Anna Storck

    1. Thank you for your message, Anna. I’m going to forward it to Rev Glynn Cardy at St Luke’s, Remuera; I’m sure he or someone from the Community of St Luke will be pleased to make contact.
      Best wishes, Bronwyn (admin based in Kapiti, Wellington)

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